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A Glance at the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


With the highly anticipated launch of the Apple iPhone X, the return of serve from Samsung’s side turned out to be less impactful than one may have thought. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus showing us just how little in the way of design and feature it actually had to offer.

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Design and Build

Not moving too far from the Infinity Display that gained its recognition from the Galaxy S8, the S9 Plus features a similar design, leaving patrons wondering if the 2019 release of Samsung’s Galaxy X upgrade is what they are waiting for. The fingerprint reader has been re-aligned to be more centered, easier to reach and well integrated with the vertically-placed dual-camera setup. The new matte finish makes the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus easier to grip, and more hand-friendly than the previous chrome finish did.


The Galaxy S9 Plus’s 6GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage are more than capable of running the all new octa-core Exynos 9810 SoC powering the 6.2-inch curved Super AMOLED, showcasing the Quad HD+ resolution. The S9 Plus is also available in a larger 356GB model. The camera features a dual-aperture and dual-camera setup: a 12MP wide-angle, and a 12MP telephoto camera, with and additional 8MP unit on the front. Connectivity options include and enhanced 4×4 MIMO with the support for 4G LTE bands, as well as LTE Cat.18 support. The S9 Plus is powered by its 3,500mAh battery and is equipped for either cable or wireless charging.


It does seem that Samsung have made some much needed improvement to the previous Galaxy S8, taking the display up a notch, producing natural-looking colors from edge-to-edge, and side-to-side. Although there are a lot of good things to be said about the S9 Plus’s OLED display, the color representation on a laptop or desktop may not have the same pop as they do on the phone. Great sharpness level and a pixel density of 529 ppi make reading text on the S9 Plus a magnificent experience. The Active Display Screen Mode works well outdoors as well as in dim lighting situations, overcoming the lighting imbalance by automatically adjusting the colors.

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The 6GB of RAM and upgrades and improvements help make the Galaxy S9 Plus feel as smooth as it does, polishing its Samsung Experience UI nicely, and running off the latest Android Orio 8.0 operating system. Lockscreen notification cards can now be completely transparent, displaying only text, and the new landscape home screen mode shows your app names to the app’s right. This allows user to clearly read the names of the apps regardless of how many icons there are. Samsung Knox and Samsung Pay are also readily available.


Although Samsung has made some necessary improvement and modification to the galaxy S9 Plus in terms of their Experience UI, they are still lacking some fluidity that can be found in other smartphones. Clocking in at an impressive 2.7GHz with its SoC, and 6GB of RAM, gaming on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a worthwhile experience. The S9 Plus has a dual-speaker system that is second to none in the categories of volume and clarity, keeping their standards high with the in-box AKG tuned headphones. The now included face unlock mode users multimodal biometric authentication, using both the secure iris scanning and face recognition features.


With welcome improvements to the cameras of the Note 8, the Galaxy S9 Plus deliver something even more impressive, using smart and better algorithms and more power. The Samsung galaxy S9 Plus feature a dual-aperture feature along with a 2x optical zoom lens which performs better than expected. The image quality is very close real scene, while the hue and colors remain a stand-out aspect.

Although the design is very much similar to that of the Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has made some welcome changes and necessary improvement that make this phone wort a second look.