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Samsung Galaxy S9 the Very Best Phone


Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone around

There’ve been many flagship smart phones on the market but the Samsung galaxy S9 is the very best. It is not the most expensive phone but it does have one of the highest cost among the top three flagship smart phones. What makes the Samsung galaxy S9 the very best phone? The S9 is the very best phone because it has the best selection of components and software. When anyone pays this much money for flagship they are expecting a few things. The first thing that they are expecting is a very high build quality.

High Build Quality

When holding the Samsung galaxy S9 in your hands you immediately realize the quality of its build. You realize that the glass backing makes the phone feel very luxurious. One of the more awe-inspiring features of the phone is a high quality screen. Walking through a popular cell phone carrier shop it is easier to see which phone is the most amazing. After handling all the offerings from all other manufacturers, the Samsung galaxy S9 was the only phone that left this reviewer in awe. The way that the colors pop off the screen, the colors, the saturated colors that Samsung is known for, and the vibrancy of it all is just amazing.

Great Screen

When you begin to touch the phone a little bit more, you begin to notice more features. That edge screen has been used for a couple years now and it is finally becoming mature in usability. It gives the phone more surface area to view anything and also gives the ability to activate specific features. Updates to its artificial intelligence better known as Bixby has come a long way from its beginnings. Although often maligned by many technology reviewers, it gives the user many controls over the phone that the Google assistant does not allow.

The Samsung Experience

Along with the Galaxy S9 it comes with the regular Samsung experience. It comes with its own version of android that gives it a lot of pop and sizzle that raw forms of android do not have. The user experience actually makes it feel more luxurious because you get more style, more function and that little something extra that you would expect when paying for a $700 or $800 phone. You also have the typical applications that Samsung gives you but with an updated emoji AI feature that allows the user to turn themselves into an emoji.

Final Words

For anyone who is looking for potentially the best android flagship on the market, a phone that has the best touch and feel, a phone with the best display on the market, then the Samsung galaxy S9 is probably the phone that you should consider. It is one of those phones that you have to touch in person to understand the true value of it. It’s one of those phones that you need to touch after having played with all of the other phones that are available. This particular writer, touched every phone in the store, including the $1000 iPhone X, the Google pixel 2, the essential phone and every other high dollar phone, but it was the Samsung that had the very best feel of the mall.