2014 Events

Networking workshop by Diane Darling

Dr. Gwen Acton led a seminar leaving participants with (1) a deeper understanding of the fundamental differences between individual contributors and leader/managers, (2) ability to identify effective vs. ineffective leadership attributes, (3) techniques to acquire skills for managing others, and (4) strategies to recognize and build leadership skills.

Career areas: Consulting, Patent Law, Research & Development, Technology Transfer, Academia, Business Development, Competitive Intelligence, Teaching, Medical Science Liaison, Sales and Human Resources.

A panel of Health and Fitness Professionals speak about Tips and Techniques for Health in a Busy Life.

Annual Summer Potluck Picnic at Sennott Park at Broadway & Norfolk St. Cambridge, MA 02139

Mid-year training session for the mentors of the mentoring circle program.

MASS AWIS celebrates 10 years of connecting women in STEM!

Life Coach Dr. Samantha Sutton led an interactive seminar to teach us tools that help us cultivate a new mindset to confidently pursue the career that is right for us.

Led by Dr. Colin White and Dr. Anthony Collmann from White Consulting, LCC, this highly interactive, nuts-and-bolts workshop focused on the skills and steps to identify your transferable skill sets and match those to exciting non-academic positions. It was designed to give pre-and post-doctoral students and scientists the tools, techniques, strategy and confidence to find their own myriad and meaningful career opportunities outside of academia.

MASS AWIS Holiday Party at Rattlesnake Bar & Grill in Boston, MA

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