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Finding The Best 3D Printer Shoes Money Can Buy


3D Printers Are the Coolest! There are lots of applications for 3D printers. They are used by NASA, many industries, construction companies, and regular people. This technology breakthrough is one of the most interesting and useful things to hit the modern world in a long time. What if you could have 3D printer shoes that could be made from any material you wanted and customized to your personal specifications? Well, it is possible:

NASA uses 3D printers on the International Space Station. In one case, the astronauts on the ISS needed a specific kind of wrench that was not available to them. Rather than waiting to have it sent by spacecraft the next time a shipment of supplies was due, NASA emailed the ISS astronauts the design specifications for the wrench they needed, and the astronauts printed it out right there! The possibilities for the use of 3D printing in space are endless. New pieces, such as shoes for space suits, could be made as needed instead of using fuel and money to send up whole components.

3D printing has obvious uses for the manufacturing industry. It is faster, easier, and safer to use a large printer to create items than to use a conventional molding technique. There is less need for human handling, which means there is less room for error. In smaller terms, 3D printing is also being used to create custom nail designs. Within medicine, scientists are developing nanotechnologies that will be produced with the aid of 3D printing and materials science.

Some companies are starting to use 3D printers in construction. One company built a whole house using an oversized 3D printer. It is only 400 square feet and intended as a model for what can be done in the future, but it is a great start. It is rumored that 3D Printers can aid with not only wall construction but also windows, doors, piping, electrical wiring and more. In fact, replacement windows can be created from scratch!

Other construction companies use 3D printers to create modular components that can be quickly and cheaply assembled into new construction. This technology has fantastic applications in areas of the world that need housing quickly, such as places hit by natural disasters.

Did you know they now sell 3D printers to consumers? You can buy them at all kinds of retail stores, like Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Barnes & Noble, and even Singapore Aircon Services. The prices aren’t even that high, maybe a couple hundred dollars. Considering what these things can do, that’s a steal!

You can use a 3D printer to make almost any shape. The software that comes with the printer usually has a variety of designs included from toys to figurines to shoes. You can also download more from the Internet. Some people sell their more complicated blueprints, but there are lots available for free as well.

Many people use their 3D printer to make toys for their children. It can be used to make model cars, for example. The ability to customize the designs means you can use it to create personalized toys bearing your child’s name or a copy of some item you own. You can use it to replace lost accessories from toy sets, too, such as doll shoes or LEGO figurines.

All of these things show why 3D printing is such an asset to our modern world. It is a relatively new technology, but its use is growing in many fields. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or even out in space, chances are high you will use a 3D printer. And even if you don’t use one at work, you can buy one to use at home!

How to Buy Gold with Bitcoin


There are a laundry list of reason why a person should invest their money in gold, and with the continual rise of the world’s cryptocurrencies, the bringing together of the oldest and newest forms of currency in the world is becoming a smarter and smarter choice every day. One of the main reasons for the investment, and recent spike in the interest of gold, is the fact that fiat-based currencies are starting to show their cracks, and proving to be more volatile as time marches on. But as with everything, there are unseen obstacles and barriers that need to be overcome, and buying gold with Bitcoin is no different.

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Advantages of Using a Cryptocurrency

Ease and convenience are fast becoming the hallmark of digital currencies, allowing for the boom of armchair transactions, anytime, anywhere. Bitcoin has made the world a much smaller place, and international transactions are as easy as 1, 2, 3…and your single currency is internationally accepted, without the need for conversion or exchange. Anonymity is another advantage that is offered to Bitcoin users through their purchase of a blockchain. Lower transaction fees and merchant fees are another big attraction for Bitcoin users, paying less fees that their PayPal or debit and credit card counterpart. As A result, users pay lower premiums over the spot prices of the gold and other precious metals purchased.

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies

It should go without saying that with every advantage you can be sure to find some disadvantage, and the same can be said when you buy gold with Bitcoin, or other precious metals for that matter. Lack of privacy is one option that you need to consider. Upon completion of a transaction/purchase, the address of the buyer, as well as the transaction details become a matter of public and permanent record on the Bitcoin network, available for anyone to see. Even though Bitcoin is known for the anonymity of their users by using a single-use address, this single-use address is really the only protection your identity gets when transacting through Bitcoin.

Setting Up Your Bitcoin Wallet

The beauty about Bitcoin, is that getting started is very easy, and before you even properly understand how it works, you can be involved. After you have seen Bitcoin in action, everything will start to fall into place. After you have installed the Bitcoin Wallet on your computer or smartphone, or probably both, Bitcoin will assign you with a Bitcoin address. This address is then used for all your sending and receiving of payments, and are generally considered as a single-use address. You can create a new address whenever you feel it’s time, and share your address with those you wish to. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy mastermind to figure out the Bitcoin platform. Sending and receiving payments are as easy as sending an email, and is a process that is quite simple and accessible.

It seems that the age of the new digital gold and that if the gold of old, are coming together to truly merge the old world with the new. Diversifying your portfolio by investing in gold during these trying and volatile economic times is one of the safest ways to insure the value of your assets for the long-term. Be aware of over-investing in fiat currencies that have no real value, a strategy of diversification will help to better protect your funds, while retaining both their integrity and intrinsic value. Unlike Bitcoin, gold is not digital, and if the power grid goes down, gold will still be worth something. So buy gold with Bitcoin today, to ensure you money can carry you comfortably into the golden years of your retirement. Learn more here.

A Glance at the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


With the highly anticipated launch of the Apple iPhone X, the return of serve from Samsung’s side turned out to be less impactful than one may have thought. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus showing us just how little in the way of design and feature it actually had to offer.

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Design and Build

Not moving too far from the Infinity Display that gained its recognition from the Galaxy S8, the S9 Plus features a similar design, leaving patrons wondering if the 2019 release of Samsung’s Galaxy X upgrade is what they are waiting for. The fingerprint reader has been re-aligned to be more centered, easier to reach and well integrated with the vertically-placed dual-camera setup. The new matte finish makes the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus easier to grip, and more hand-friendly than the previous chrome finish did.


The Galaxy S9 Plus’s 6GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage are more than capable of running the all new octa-core Exynos 9810 SoC powering the 6.2-inch curved Super AMOLED, showcasing the Quad HD+ resolution. The S9 Plus is also available in a larger 356GB model. The camera features a dual-aperture and dual-camera setup: a 12MP wide-angle, and a 12MP telephoto camera, with and additional 8MP unit on the front. Connectivity options include and enhanced 4×4 MIMO with the support for 4G LTE bands, as well as LTE Cat.18 support. The S9 Plus is powered by its 3,500mAh battery and is equipped for either cable or wireless charging.


It does seem that Samsung have made some much needed improvement to the previous Galaxy S8, taking the display up a notch, producing natural-looking colors from edge-to-edge, and side-to-side. Although there are a lot of good things to be said about the S9 Plus’s OLED display, the color representation on a laptop or desktop may not have the same pop as they do on the phone. Great sharpness level and a pixel density of 529 ppi make reading text on the S9 Plus a magnificent experience. The Active Display Screen Mode works well outdoors as well as in dim lighting situations, overcoming the lighting imbalance by automatically adjusting the colors.

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The 6GB of RAM and upgrades and improvements help make the Galaxy S9 Plus feel as smooth as it does, polishing its Samsung Experience UI nicely, and running off the latest Android Orio 8.0 operating system. Lockscreen notification cards can now be completely transparent, displaying only text, and the new landscape home screen mode shows your app names to the app’s right. This allows user to clearly read the names of the apps regardless of how many icons there are. Samsung Knox and Samsung Pay are also readily available.


Although Samsung has made some necessary improvement and modification to the galaxy S9 Plus in terms of their Experience UI, they are still lacking some fluidity that can be found in other smartphones. Clocking in at an impressive 2.7GHz with its SoC, and 6GB of RAM, gaming on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a worthwhile experience. The S9 Plus has a dual-speaker system that is second to none in the categories of volume and clarity, keeping their standards high with the in-box AKG tuned headphones. The now included face unlock mode users multimodal biometric authentication, using both the secure iris scanning and face recognition features.


With welcome improvements to the cameras of the Note 8, the Galaxy S9 Plus deliver something even more impressive, using smart and better algorithms and more power. The Samsung galaxy S9 Plus feature a dual-aperture feature along with a 2x optical zoom lens which performs better than expected. The image quality is very close real scene, while the hue and colors remain a stand-out aspect.

Although the design is very much similar to that of the Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has made some welcome changes and necessary improvement that make this phone wort a second look.

Is Coinbase Safe As A Bitcoin Broker To Use?


Have you already been using Coinbase? Perhaps you are looking at reviews to see what to expect from the broker. If you’re going to invest in Bitcoin, there is no larger broker out there in the entire world. While that should let you know more about the company’s legitimacy, perhaps you are concerned about investing in crypto-currencies to begin with. Let’s look more closely at what to expect if you do invest in digital currencies and use Coinbase.

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What You Should Know

There are digital currency thieves out there, and you do need to keep that in mind. Crypto-currencies are still fairly new, and that has everything to do with the safety of these types of accounts and transactions. Keep in mind, however, that there are risks when it comes to every investment.

If you were to buy stock in a company, there is a chance that company’s share price drops to 0. It can even happen in one day. Is it likely to happen? No, but it can happen. It’s not likely that your account with Coinbase will be highjacked either, but can it happen? Sure it can happen. In this digital age, anything like that can happen.

The same thing could happen to your bank account online. Back in the day, it was all about cash and in-person transactions. These days, everything is often done digitally, so there are risks to all these types of transactions. That should help you put everything into perspective a little more, but let’s look at what else you might need to know.

More About Coinbase

To let you know more about Coinbase, its headquarters are in San Francisco. It has already been mentioned that it is the world’s largest broker of Bitcoin. You get your own personal Bitcoin wallet. Trusted investors have backed the company, so it has really gained momentum.

There are certainly other Bitcoin brokers to choose from out there. But if you’re wanting to buy Bitcoin, you might as well use the most trusted source. Naturally, a bigger brokerage can be a bigger target for thieves, but they also have extra security measures in place.

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A company as big as Coinbase isn’t going to want to go under because their customer’s wallets were hacked. They are in the business of making money. Therefore, you know they are going to strive to take care of their customers with precautions such as security, insurance, and bonds (our recommendation). There are still plenty of digital hacks going on these days with reputable companies, but you get the idea. Coinbase is about as safe as you can expect when it comes to buying Bitcoin. If you are overseas and need a quality foreign exchange service to convert your Fiat to another currency Knightsbridge FX is a quality supplier.

Final Words

The company also makes it quite easy to sign up. You provide very little personal information, and you verify your email address. Then you get to add a phone number if you choose, and fund your account. It’s quite simple to use Coinbase if you want to purchase Bitcoin. You just have to decide if you’re going to make this type of investment or not. Personally, digital currencies aren’t for me, but you will decide if they are for you.

Samsung Galaxy S9 the Very Best Phone


Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone around

There’ve been many flagship smart phones on the market but the Samsung galaxy S9 is the very best. It is not the most expensive phone but it does have one of the highest cost among the top three flagship smart phones. What makes the Samsung galaxy S9 the very best phone? The S9 is the very best phone because it has the best selection of components and software. When anyone pays this much money for flagship they are expecting a few things. The first thing that they are expecting is a very high build quality.

High Build Quality

When holding the Samsung galaxy S9 in your hands you immediately realize the quality of its build. You realize that the glass backing makes the phone feel very luxurious. One of the more awe-inspiring features of the phone is a high quality screen. Walking through a popular cell phone carrier shop it is easier to see which phone is the most amazing. After handling all the offerings from all other manufacturers, the Samsung galaxy S9 was the only phone that left this reviewer in awe. The way that the colors pop off the screen, the colors, the saturated colors that Samsung is known for, and the vibrancy of it all is just amazing.

Great Screen

When you begin to touch the phone a little bit more, you begin to notice more features. That edge screen has been used for a couple years now and it is finally becoming mature in usability. It gives the phone more surface area to view anything and also gives the ability to activate specific features. Updates to its artificial intelligence better known as Bixby has come a long way from its beginnings. Although often maligned by many technology reviewers, it gives the user many controls over the phone that the Google assistant does not allow.

The Samsung Experience

Along with the Galaxy S9 it comes with the regular Samsung experience. It comes with its own version of android that gives it a lot of pop and sizzle that raw forms of android do not have. The user experience actually makes it feel more luxurious because you get more style, more function and that little something extra that you would expect when paying for a $700 or $800 phone. You also have the typical applications that Samsung gives you but with an updated emoji AI feature that allows the user to turn themselves into an emoji.

Final Words

For anyone who is looking for potentially the best android flagship on the market, a phone that has the best touch and feel, a phone with the best display on the market, then the Samsung galaxy S9 is probably the phone that you should consider. It is one of those phones that you have to touch in person to understand the true value of it. It’s one of those phones that you need to touch after having played with all of the other phones that are available. This particular writer, touched every phone in the store, including the $1000 iPhone X, the Google pixel 2, the essential phone and every other high dollar phone, but it was the Samsung that had the very best feel of the mall.